I am about to join a YouTube network but…

Do I lose access to my channel?

No! You will still have all access and permissions as before. We will just ask you to add us as a Manager to your channel, so we can optimise your settings.

Who uploads videos to my channel?

You still upload your content, just like before.

Does my network influence my creativity?

No! You are your own boss, with full artistic freedom. If you are open to it, we are happy to think with you about making the best content for you audience.

How and when do I get paid?

We pay our channels our in local currency on a monthly basis, right into your bank account. We always pay out before the end of the next month!

Is my revenue transparent?

Yes! You can still track all the revenue from your channel Analytics just like before. With our monthly payout we also provide a calculation based on the same Analytics that you see.

Who will have access to my channel?

Bongo has a dedicated team of 7 people who are all YouTube Certified. We know what we are doing!


Can the network terminate my contract?

Yes, just like YouTube, if we find out a channel uses bots or click farms to get illegal views or subscribers we may remove the channel from our network. In other cases, repeated uploading of unauthorised copyrighted content may lead to the end of our partnership.


Can I terminate my contract with the network?

Yes, you can give 60 days notice if you want. But we are always just a phone call away… If there is something you are not happy about, we will surely be able to work something out!

For any more questions, feel free to contact us directly!

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© Bongo Holdings PTE LTD